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 The Talking Footprint Facts 

The Talking Footprint


The Die-Cut "Talking Footprint"

What is it? Although some may claim to have "invented" this feature, the truth is that the "Talking Footprint" has been around since the days of Ancient Greece. In fact it may be one of the earliest examples of promotional products! We cut your design into the bottom layer of the sandal (the outsole) so that it makes an impression of your logo in the sand wherever you walk on the beach. It's eco-friendly advertising at its best!

When we use a different color for the "sandwich layer" (a layer of foam in the middle of the sole), this color will show through the cut out in the bottom of the sandal. For example, if your logo color is red, we could make a black sandal with a red sandwich layer that would show the red logo in the bottom of a black sandal. We'll be happy to help with ideas, and we offer Free Virtual Samples on our website.

The "Talking Footprint" sandal, is made overseas and requires a 500 minimum quantity.

How is it done? We use a steel rule cutting die, which might be described as a commercial version of a cookie cutter. The steel blades are hand-bent, by skilled technicians, around each part of your logo. Some small elements may not be feasible, but our technology and craftsmen are the best in the world and we've done the best dies ever made. Our customer service staff will be happy to help.

How fast can I get it? It takes 4 weeks to get an order delivered.

Is there anything else I should know? Some logos require minor modification, depending on the details, as this feature has some limitations. For example, in general text should be about 1" tall for the best result. Some details may be too small to cut out and may have to be eliminated. Some letters may require minor adjustments we call "bridging" (as seen in stencils). We will minimize the changes, and provide you with a full color digital proof for approval. We will "mirror" the design so the imprint in the sand reads correctly, however your proof will show it both ways for your convenience.

Custom Logo Flip Flops in All Sizes and Colors.

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